Hands on design event, A Big Brief Night is back to offer students, grads and aspiring designers the chance to test their creative metal in a real industry environment.

Growing on the success of last year’s event which saw over 85 participants working across 8 studios, A Big Brief Night 2 has upped the ante with 15 of Melbourne’s most exciting design practices set to open their doors on the night.

The idea behind the event remains unchanged, with the intention being to bridge the gap between education and industry.

Forget your ideals, here you won’t have months, weeks or even days to research, revise and revisit your design work. There is no room for pondering, no gaps for mulling over.

Instead, you will experience the realities of operating within the demands and deadlines of a fast-paced studio, working on the type of projects the industry might throw at you when you’re in the workplace.

Participants on the night at each of the 15 studios will be presented with the same solo design brief.

The count down then starts and you have 90 minutes to respond.

As in the real world, the brief may not be perfect, and you’ll need to be on your guard for any extra curricular requirements.

During the 90 minutes, help, advice and direction will be offered by the industry professionals.

When the time runs out, the designing stops. Each participant will then present their work to the rest of the group and get a chance to hear how they’ve done.

With some of the city’s best design practices taking part, from award winning boutique studios to international branding agencies, this year’s event will offer a truly unique experience for all involved.

To register your interest please fill in the form below. Places are strictly limited, with registrations closing Sunday 1st May. Successful applicants will be emailed with allocated studio prior to the event

Registrations for A Big Brief Night 2 are now closed.We will be emailing successful applicants soon with full details.The event will be streamed live on Periscope for those that want to join in from a distance. Visit this website on Thursday 12th for the link. #abigbriefnight.